a very tiny welcome!

we are happy you made it to our humble page.

this blog will follow the progress of building our first tiny house in the heart of the austrian countryside.

the idea behind our documentation of the project is to encourage people who are also interested in alternative ways of living to take this step and go ‘tiny’. for this reason, we’ve decided to make our entire journey an open source project, which means that you can go ahead and use any of our ideas, designs or plans if it helps you to create your own tiny dwelling.

if you are inspired by our tiny adventure, feel free to make a small donation, which will be both a contribution to our project and also the development of the tiny house movement in europe.

our plan is not to stop at the construction of our own ‘tiny haus’ but to also produce a commercially available ‘shell’ model of a tiny house in the near future that people can design freely .

we aim to post news and updates on a regular basis on this page, so stay tuned and join us in this exciting endeavour.

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